The Sheer Beauty of Online Stock Trading

The digital revolution is changing lives in so many ways it’s almost impossible to step back and realize how big of a change it’s truly been. One need only look at online stock trading to realize as much. It wasn’t that long ago that you actually had to have a stockbroker just to make the simplest of trades. With the advent of the Internet, the convenience of making a trade these days is so simple that the idea of having a stockbroker is almost antiquated.

Is there an optimal website for placing your trades online? The platforms are so sophisticated these days that the real difference between them is mostly price. In fact, you’ve seen old horses of the investment markets such as Fidelity Investments be forced to cut their trade prices from $29.95 to as low as $7.95 just to remain competitive. This is because they really don’t offer anything different from a site like Scott’s Trade that offers bargain basement prices.

It has often been said that the Internet is the world of give me convenience or give me death. I tend to disagree with this notion. What the Internet really seems to stand for is the notion of give me cheap prices or give me death! In the case of online stock trading, this certainly seems to be accurate.